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Wild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayI live in Templemartin in West Cork with my family - and Buster. Surrounded by hills and green fields, I've no excuse not to find peace and quiet and space to write. But like most writers, life gets in the way and sitting down to write isn’t always as easy as it should be.

I work full-time in the Central Statistics Office ( and really enjoy my role as Staff Engagement Officer. Every other hour of the day, I'm juggling between being an author, ghostwriter, proofreader, journalist, publisher and anything else I can find the time for!

Despite a serious scarcity of time, I always manage to squeeze in a long walk with Buster and use that quiet time to mull over whatever piece of writing I’m working on. I read continuously and a couple of evenings every week, I'm building up stamina on the squash court or chilling out on a Yoga mat. So you see, when you sacrifice a bit of TV (and sleep!), there is time for so much more...variety is the spice of life after all!


Follow me on Twitter: @AuthorMalone.