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On the catwalk....On the catwalk....I live in West Cork with my family and surrounded by hills and green fields I've no excuse not to find peace and quiet and space to write.

I work in the Central Statistics Office ( and really enjoy my role as Staff Engagement Officer.

Every other hour of the day, I'm juggling between being an author, ghostwriter, proofreader, journalist, publisher and anything else I can find the time for!

Despite a serious scarcity of time, I always manage to squeeze a walk and a bit of reading into my day or night. And a couple of evenings every week, I'm building up stamina on the squash court or chilling out on a Yoga you see, when you sacrifice a bit of TV (and sleep!), there is time for so much more...even a bit of amateur parading on the catwalk as evidenced by the photo and taking to the hills and mountains of Cork and Kerry to really build up a thirst (for writing of course!)...variety is the spice of life after all!


Follow me on Twitter: @AuthorMalone.

2015 and 2016 took my writing in a new and interesting direction. I was invited to be interviewed by a family whose daughter had a story to tell. Though it was a complete departure from fiction and novel writing, there was something mystical about it and I knew in that first meeting that if I were selected, I was going to say ‘yes’!

Ghost Writing is a privilege, a responsibility to the person the story is being written about and a challenge to any writer to get the ‘voice’ perfect. I learned to listen. I learned to delve into new subject matters. I learned to extend my writing skills to capture the heart of the story being told. I learned discipline and caution and more than anything I learned the power of the written word.

I’m happy to share my experience with anyone who might be broaching a similar project. Drop me an email to or click on the Contacts page to leave me a message.

Keep’s magical!